Bye-bye Burlington!

The fall semester at the UVM ended a week ago. There were farewell pictures and good-bye speeches. I want to thank Tuna and David for the Fall also in writing. Their courses gave me a lot to think about and I think I know now how to develop mine when I go back to my job. I enjoyed the instruction and the students’ speeches in both the Persuasion course

and the Public Speaking course.

From the students’ speeches in the two courses and the debate speeches at the Lawrence Debate Union in the evenings I learnt a lot about what is going on in the US and especially in the college students’ minds at the UVM.

The last week in Burlington has been fairly snowy and slippery. The weather prepares us for the real winter that is waiting for us in Finland. It’s been a time for dinners and goodbyes with “old” friends like the Nelson’s and Mimi, Abby and Wyatt

and more recent ones like Nona and Ken and Tove and Rich. I thank you all and I hope to see you in Finland. Some of you have already promised to come! I am looking forward to that!

The Fulbright programme is … I just have to use the American word: AWESOME! This fall has been such a great experience for both Anni and I. What we got out of this is only partly reflected on these pages, but the reflection will go on when we go home – not in this blog, but in other ways. There are a lot of plans for co-operation and some of them will certainly happen as there have been some amazing coincidences. Tuna already visited Tampere and gave workshops for teachers and students. He would like to come again! David and Ruth will be visiting Finland on business and leisure (thank you Ruth for the home exchange!) and in the spring already, Megan happens to come and live in Tampere, of all places! Finland will have expertise presence in debating. It will not only be interesting to see how things will evolve but what we can make happen together!

Thanks and see you all – in Tampere, Finland!

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Gaining ground?

I have written about my third and last tournament under Debating at UVM/Tournaments: Vermont. It feels like something has clicked. Anni’s page is updated as well, in Finnish as usual, but the pictures tell some of the story. We both have found something new but at the same time we have started to think about home. It’s a little more than a month here in Vermont. We miss back here already :).

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The giants and the underdog

You can read about some of my reflections after a tournament in: Debating at UVM > Tournaments: Cape Cod. It’s good to keep in mind that things tend to change over time. I hope.

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Photo updates

I added some more pictures into the Outings page on apple picking. Anni’s page has been updated, but it’s still in Finnish. Annin syyskuun kuulumisia löytyy Anni/syyskuun kuvia.

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Exercising hurts

In the Step&Sculpt class at the YMCA this morning, I noticed that after a long lazy summer I seemed to have forgotten what’s left and what’s the opposite direction (right?). After the exercise, my muscles hurt. I’m stiff. But I feel hopeful. Perhaps if I go on I’ll be better. The same with the Binghamton exercise. It was worth going but it hurt. I think now I just have to start stretching all my muscles, the one in the skull as well as the other ones. It’s so ##¤%ing difficult to stretch. At this age or if you are me. If you want to know about my Binghamton culture shock, read about Tournaments under Debating at UVM.

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Rainy day in Burlington?

.. but not as rainy as yesterday. I don’t know much about the weather outside as I’ve been uploading pictures and organising my files all day. Computers are kind of nice to play with, but they do steal our time especially of the likes of me whose skills are not really up to these tasks. Well, perhaps I’m learning something. There are some new pictures under Living in Burlington/Outings.

Anni, the photographer, and I are just about to leave for the Binghamton tournament  sharing a van with some LDU debaters. They say it will take 7 hours to get there but I’m sure it will be worth it!

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New update!

I’m posting these messages to let you know what page I have updated. I know the blog could be organised differently, but as for now, this is what I can do. I updated Anni’s page (in Finnish) just now. The topics in this blog are somewhat varied and if any of this interests you, just subscribe to the blog and in these posts I will briefly let you know whether the page you would like to follow has been updated.

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