How does this work?

I’m slowly starting to update the blog but I’m not sure how this works. Should I just send posts or write pages? I’ll do both. I’ve updated the debate page today. I hope this blog works somehow. Now I’m taking our two phones to be refilled. I don’t know how that works either. There are many things that don’t work the way they “should”!!

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2 Responses to How does this work?

  1. Pekka says:

    Since you posed this as a question, I’ll offer my two cents on how to structure your blog.
    I think you would do better to write posts only and then make categories for topics that you intend to write more than one post on (e.g. ‘Debating at UVM’). This way it’s easier for users to find new writings, and it’s also the standard way things are done in blogs. I.e. it’s what readers expect. You only really need two pages at this moment and that’s ‘About’ and the blog homepage.

    • Mirja says:

      Thank you for your advice! I appreciate that and I should try that once again. I tried to create categories to begin with but they didn’t show anywhere and I didn’t know how to make them show. I totally agree that blogs should be reader-friendly but sometimes communication through social media requires more technical skills than (old) people (like me) actually have – to say nothing about the actual skills of communication 🙂

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