I am a lecturer at the Language Centre of the University of Tampere spending a Fulbright Fall in Burlington, Vermont to learn about teaching debating. This blog will mostly be about how debating is taught and practised by Professor Alfred Snider and his debate coaches at the University of Vermont. I will share what I think those interested in this method of empowering pedagogy would like to know, especially at the Language Center of my home university but others as well.

I have my 12-year-old daughter with me and I will be writing posts about her going to school here and  other such things under the heading “Anni”. This section will be in Finnish. A big part of my family is not here with me. My older daughter Anna-Liisa and her husband Kenneth stayed in Finland as did our pets Topi, the Schapendoes, (c/o Kaisa) and our two cats, Nippu and Låsso.

This fall will be very different from all the other falls in my life. This is my first time in the USA and it was a big leap from the corner where I have spent my life until now. I am glad I’m here and I’m ready to do all I can to make the most of it!


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