Debating at UVM

On this page I will be writing about my observations on debate and related issues at UVM.  

9th September, 2010   

 General about debate at UVM   

 Anyone in the world can access a lot of information on Vermont debate simply by going online. In this blog I approach this all from my own Finnish perspective and with my own interests. Professor Alfred Snider (aka Tuna) updates his several pages regularly and this is how I found the World Debate Institute which Tuna is the Director of. What immediately caught my eye on the Institute’s pages was   

Bojana & Tuna @ IDAS09 tournament


 the connection it had with Europe. There is close cooperation between the World Debate Institute and the International Debate Academy of Slovenia. Better still, when participating in IDAS 2009, I came to see that debate is global.   

Show debate


There are certainly many ways to work for world peace but to me as a foreign language teacher, who teaches language skills for communication, the method would be to aim for speaking a better world. This happens to be the name of the conference that Tuna and Bojana (i.e. Bojana Skrt, the Director of the national debate program of Slovenia) arrange for the third time in Maribor, Slovenia: 3rd Thinking and Speaking a Better World. I look forward to participating in it some time in the near future.   

Debate term starting   

The academic year has just started here. The Lawrence Debate Union had its first debates yesterday. The first meeting took place last Monday and the small meeting room at the Huber House was packed. The summer heat was still on, that’s why Stephen is taking his shirt off in the picture.

1st meeting

Despite the heat newcomers stayed in the room to hear what debating has to offer. On Wednesday for the first debates, the room was just as full. Both experienced debaters and novices debated. It was interesting to see that the method to get students started was the same as the one the UTA Debate Society adopted last January. New debaters are keen to debate. It’s all about doing and learning. This seems to be the case all around the world as I understood from Bojana who was there to judge the debates and give feedback to the students. If you want to know more, why don’t you read the Newsletter of the Edwin Lawrence Debate Union at the University of Vermont   

1st debate


Tom & Alli preparing



2 Responses to Debating at UVM

  1. Riikka says:

    Tosi kiinnostavaa! Täytyy yrittää löytää aikaa käydä näitä sun linkkejä läpi joku kerta! Lainauksena omasta tän päivän työpajasta: “If we succeed to integrate art to people’s life the world would be human and humane”….maailmanpelastustalkoot.

  2. Mirja says:

    Laitoin viestiä siun blogiin:
    Samalla asialla ollaan: To the rescue!

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