Living in Burlington


Arriving late at night in a foreign country is always exciting but not only that, it is tiring and sometimes annoying if you don’t know how to get to the next place. Buses may not run or taxis can be strange and so on. Arriving at Burlington was almost too easy; there was no usual struggle and confusion.  Karen Nelson and her parents, Betsy and Ted, were welcoming us at the airport. They drove us to our apartment which they had set up with groceries and other necessities.

 That was Monday night. On Tuesday Karen took us shopping to the mall.On Thursday she took me to a bank to open an account and Anni was dropped into the pool at the Nelson’s house.

We had a nice meal and got two bikes and futon to go with us! As if this wouldn’t have enough for one week, Betsy and Ted took us to a Labor Day party that the large family celebrates in a lovely house and garden in Stowe. On the way there we stopped to see Betsy’s sister’s alpacas. We had never seen them before, but they reminded us of our cats Låsso and Nippu in their cuteness!


We also got to visit the Farmers’ Market in Stowe. The atmosphere there made me think of Gilmore girls that Liisa and I used to watch at home on Sunday afternoons a few years ago. 

Living the good life in Burlington!


Stowe Farmhouse


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