Outings: apple picking weekend

Shelburne farms

A lazy Saturday morning on the last weekend of September turned into an active outdoors day when Abby and Mimi called Anni and invited us tous to join them to go to the Shelburne Farms 32nd Annual Harvest Festival

 We spent a lovely relaxing day watching performances, animals and hiking more than we had planned; we went astray but that was OK in the beautiful countryside. green fields in the green mountainsI learnt more about life in Burlington. It’s not only pensioners that volunteer. Abby and her brother had worked as volunteers in the farm during several summers feeding the animals. I think that is a great idea. It’s something every community should think about. Things get done, people can contribute to the community and everybody is happier.

The clogging by the Green Mountain Cloggers was so AWESOME (excuse my American English) that it made me think of the impossible. I want to learn that too. Mimi said I could go home and surprise everybody with my new skill but I think I would first have to surprise myself. Looking at those ladies clogging in their not-so-young age was a proof of what attitude can do to your life.

Apple Orchards

On Sunday, we got another  invitation to go apple picking. As Abby was coming to visit us, Ted and Betsy picked us all up and we drove to Essex to pick some more apples, enjoy creemies that Ted likes to buy us 🙂  and see cute farm animals. The slideshow below has pictures of the two apple picking outings.

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2 Responses to Outings: apple picking weekend

  1. Marja Niskanen says:

    Kiitos Mirja, että olen saanut olla ystäväsi ja nytkin tämän nk. sosiaalisen median kautta ihastella toimiasi. Vierailen harvakseltaan näillä sivustoilla. Tällä kertaa olen rakkaan Kissin kanssa kaksistaan isossa vanhassa talossa ja hieman on kolkko olo, joten unta ei tarvitse odottaa. Miun elämä on täällä Joensuussa toistaseks, en kovin nauti olostani, mutta toivossa on hyvä elää. Kaikkea hyvää edelleen jatkossa toivottelen sinne! Mukavaa, että saan mahdollisuuden kirjoitella täältä Joensuun yöstä siulle!

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